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Is Your Car’s Air Conditioning Blowing Hot?

It gets hot and humid in Kansas City. Is your vehicle’s air conditioning blowing hot, or not working at all? We all know how miserable it can be when your air conditioning isn’t working correctly, and you’re trying to stay comfortable in your car while driving around Kansas City. Lucky for you, the I-70 Auto Service team has the right solution for getting the A/C system in your vehicle operating as it should. Here at I-70 Auto Service, we have done a lot of research on automotive air conditioning system, and we’ve made some conclusions. Older methods of servicing A/C systems in your car can be time-consuming, inconvenient, and costly. To combat this, we’ve invested in the Bullseye Leak Detection System, and it’s the latest thing out. Here is a video explaining what the Bullseye Leak Detection System is and what it can do. The I-70 Auto Service team is excited to have this tool, for it makes leak detection in automotive A/C systems go much faster, wh ... read more

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Repair

At I-70 Auto Service, we have a lot of experience answering questions about auto repair and car care. For this month’s blog, we thought we might share with you some of the most frequent questions we hear. How often should I get an oil change/new tires/ new wiper blades/ etc? There seems to be a lot of misinformation and conjecture about what maintenance is required and how often. The best place to check for this is your car’s manual: it will tell you exactly what mileage or time frame your car needs for service. Beyond that, there are a few rules of thumb you can go by to keep your car in the best shape. Here’s a neat little chart to answer your questions! Maintenance or ServiceTime Frame or Mileage Oil Change 3,000 - 5,000 miles New Tires 25,000 - 50,000 miles Wiper Blades 6 to 9 months Serpentine Belt Replaced by 90,000 miles Timing Belt Replaced between 60K - 105K miles Cabin Filter Replaced onc ... read more

Getting Your Car Ready for Spring Weather

As car owners, we are often aware of our car’s needs during the transition to Winter weather. However, drivers don’t often consider all the variables when it comes to their car’s performance in the Spring. Take some hints from the automotive maintenance experts over at I-70 Auto Service, because we’ve got some advice to help you rolling safely in the sunshine! Check your tires! Are they in good shape? Proper alignment? Now is the time to switch out your winter tires for their summer counterparts, Inspect places that may have taken a beating through the winter months. Your suspension may have damage from potholes or you might have chips, scratches, and cracks on your windshield. Running your car through the wash or washing it yourself could help you identify small dents and scratches that come from the normal wear and tear on a car. Refill. Refill your motor oil, wiper fluid, gas tank, coolant, check it all. Some may be hesitant to trudge out in the cold wind ... read more

Distracted Driving: Why You Should Not Risk It

3,179 were killed and 431,000 were injured in 2014 alone via distracted driving car accidents. According to, distracted driving is “any activity that could divert a person's attention away from the primary task of driving. All distractions endanger driver, passenger, and bystander safety.” Although using maps, radios, eating, and talking are all considered distractions, the most hazardous one is texting. Texting requires visual focus, concentration, and taking your hands off the wheel. So, please, don't text and drive. It can wait. The thing is, we can cite statistics at you all day long, but the real goal here is to prevent you from becoming one of those statistics. It’s a serious issue with a lot of arguments for and against, but distracted driving is just not worth the risk. The good news is that you're never just a statistic here at I-70 Auto Service. Our customers are part of our extended family ... read more

Top Ten Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine's Day

February! We’re already in the second month of the new year! You’ve got 14 days to plan a happy holiday for you and your sweetheart. Or, if you’d rather spend the day with the best of friends, there’s plenty of ways to show your love for those dear to you too! So in honor of St. Valentine’s day, here’s a few ways to show your significant other or even your best pal how much you care! 1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day! We thought we ought to start out with classics; flowers, chocolate, a romantic card… so you can celebrate your love on February 14th of this year. You can mix it up by baking sweet treats yourself or getting your loved one a potted plant for a reminder that will last past the winter months. 2. Take care of a few little things. Really! Maybe tidy up, fill their gas tank, or make dinner for the night. A little contribution to make your special someone’s busy day just a little calmer and a little more joyful ... read more

Prepare Your Vehicles for Back to School

Back-to-school season is upon us. Soon, our days will be filled with busy mornings and afternoons, packed with afterschool activities. You might even be sending your child off to college, away from our hometown of Kansas City. Either way, from grade school to college, your car needs to be working in top condition. During this busy month, we rely on our car. Imagine during a busy morning driving your children to school in Prairie Village, your car breaks down. You are driving your child to college, your car is completely packed, and you feel your car slowly to stop. As you can see, it is imperative that your car is working tip-top shape. How exactly can you prepare your car for the month ahead? You can get prepared by following these easy guidelines: Do not forget about basic maintenance. Preventative maintenance goes a long way in the auto industry. Often, our team can catch problems before they even happen. Get acquainted with the owner’s manual. If you do this, you can begi ... read more

Maintain Your Diesel Engines at I-70 Auto Service

If you own a vehicle with a diesel engine, congratulations! Diesel engines have numerous advantages over gasoline engines, including fuel economy, reliability, and lower maintenance costs. However, just because your diesel engine is built to be rugged tough, it still requires regularly scheduled service. It is important to maintain your diesel engine so they can continue to be reliable and road-ready. I-70 Auto Service maintains many diesel engines for our corporate fleet customers and personal cars alike. Some of the better-known diesel engines we work on include: Duramax -- Designed by General Motors and Isuzu, the Duramax V-8 Diesel Engine is designed for light to medium duty trucks. Duramax V-8 Diesel EngineCummins -- Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, Cummins builds a variety of items, including diesel engines for light to heavy duty trucks, motorcoaches, buses, and commercial vehicles. Cummins L9 Diesel Engine for Medium-Duty TruckFord Power Stro ... read more

Importance of Being a Napa Auto Care Center

I-70 Auto Service is proud to be a NAPA AutoCare Center. This designation is not to be taken lightly, for only the best auto repair shop in each market is tapped out to be a NAPA AutoCare Center. We are thrilled that NAPA selected I-70 Auto Service! How did our car repair shop make the cut? NAPA selects the best shops based on the following criteria: I-70 Auto Service is independently owned and operated. I-70 Auto Service employs ASE Certified Technicians. I-70 Auto Service made the “First-Call” list for auto parts. I-70 Auto Service abides by a strict code of ethics. I-70 Auto Service honors the NAPA 3-year / 36K-mile nationwide warranty.​ Now that you know why I-70 Auto Service made the cut, here are the benefits our customers receive as a result of the NAPA AutoCare Center designation: Financing for your auto service is available with 6-months interest-free, per approved application. Qualified parts and repairs are covered up to a 3-year / 36,000-mile nationwide ... read more

Get ready for the Winter Season

Before Winter grasps her cold hands around the Kansas City region, November is an optimal time to prepare your personal and fleet vehicles for the Winter Season. Why should you prepare your cars, trucks, and SUVs for Winter? Even the best designed and fully-equipped automobiles require regular maintenance if you want them to operate correctly. Preparing your family and company vehicles for the cold weather not only helps to keep your car running well, but also helps you avoid the risk of losing time and money when you can’t get to work due to a dead car in the driveway. When you come to I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, you can count on us to inspect and prep your vehicle correctly. Here are some of the items we will inspect and/or replace when preparing your car, truck, or SUV for Winter: Battery inspected and tested Coolant inspected and tested Heater is operating properly Tires Washer fluids Washer nozzles Washer fluid pump works fine and the nozzles are functioning W ... read more

Safe Driving Tips During the Holidays

The holidays are a festive and fun time of year. We love how Kansas City celebrates the holidays -- from the Plaza Lights to the Kansas City Chiefs football games -- December is truly exciting. To make your holiday travel experience as stress-free as possible, we’ll help prepare your vehicle for the season. But regardless of how stress-free your auto repair experience is, holiday driving can still be hectic. For these reasons, I-70 Auto Service offers up some safe driving tips during the holiday season. First, let’s look at what NOT to do while driving around during the busy holiday season: Don’t text and drive. Don’t drink and drive. Don’t drive while under the influence of prescription medications. We don’t mean to sound preachy, but we want to remind you that we care for our family of customers. These “Don’ts” will help you arrive alive and avoid tragic, heartbreaking accidents. Next, let’s talk about the “Do&rsquo ... read more

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