Kansas City Power Steering Fluid Service

A power steering fluid service, or a flush of the liquids in your car's power steering, should be performed at regular intervals. However, most car owners forget when their power steering fluid needs to be flushed. This is where we step in. Our auto repair shop is located in central Kansas City and has been providing incomparable car repair service for over 40 years. I-70 Auto Service boasts a team of experienced, honest, and thorough auto mechanics. We will thoroughly inspect your car's engine and will perform a power steering fluid service if needed. 

If your power steering fluid appears dark or brown, our auto mechanics will flush it out and replace it. Plus, we will also develop a schedule for routine power steering fluid service that is specific to the make and model of your vehicle. We strive to go above and beyond for each of our clients. With our expert care, you can receive incomparable power steering fluid service, without leaving the comfort of your home or office. For example, we will pickup, perform a power steering fluid service, and then drop your car off in your driveway at the end of the day. We also offer our clients a loaner vehicle, free of charge. 

I-70 Auto Service has been in our family for three generations. We love the work we do, and this love, this passion, translates into our work. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. Conveniently located in Kansas City, our team of auto mechanics looks forward to taking care of you and your vehicles.