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The Importance of Experienced and Educated Technicians For Your European Vehicle

Your European vehicle, whether you are driving a Mercedes, BMW, or an Audi, requires expert service. They are built differently than their Domestic or Japanese counterparts. Because these differences, your European vehicle needs to be serviced by experienced and educated technicians.  Specialty technicians are an absolute must for European vehicles. They recognize the nuances of these cars and utilize tools and technology specific to your vehicle. Experienced and educated technicians make sure to stay up-to-date on trainings for these vehicles. You can rest assured in the quality and accuracy of the repair performed by specialty technicians.  The team at I-70 Auto Service is experienced and educated in the service and repair of European vehicles, including yours. It doesn’t matter if you own a BMW, Mercedes, MINI, Audi, Volkswagen, Range Rover, or Volvo. Our technicians possess years of experience, along with a precise attention to detail, that your European vehicle d ... read more

New Year’s Resolution -- Preventative Maintenance for Your Diesel and Sprinter Van

2020 is officially here, and the team at I-70 Auto Service is here to wish you a happy and healthy New Year’s! Not only do we wish you a happy and healthy year, but we also wish your diesel and Sprinter Van one too. We want your vehicle to stay in tip-top shape for many more months and miles. That’s why we have put together the perfect New Year’s Resolution for you and your diesel and Sprinter Van -- preventative maintenance!  We can’t emphasize the importance of preventative maintenance enough! Many of the most expensive and dangerous auto repairs could have been prevented by preventative maintenance. It may sound like a hassle bringing your diesel or Sprinter Van to I-70 Auto Service, but we make it easy for you. We will update you each step of the way, and we can provide you with a loaner vehicle or shuttle drive.  Have you ever heard of that saying -- it is cheaper to keep her? The same goes with your diesel or Sprinter Van. Preventative maintena ... read more

How Do We Love Sprinters? Let Us Count The Ways

Sprinter Vans have a cult following, and there are so many reasons why. At I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, we have the honor to service and repair several Sprinter Vans. Over the years, we have grown to love and appreciate everything about these versatile vehicles. How do we love Sprinter Vans? Let us count the ways... Sprinter Vans are customizable. When you consider all the drivetrain and engine options, plus the various body styles, wheelbases, floor types (metal, plastic, wood) and roof heights, Sprinter Van owners have more than 1,700 potential variants of the 2019 model. It’s mind-blowing how many options you have to choose from when ordering your very own Sprinter Van. Sprinter Vans look classy. Maybe it is because we have a longstanding affection for the Mercedes logo, but these vehicles have a beautiful aesthetic. The front end has a nice shape, and you wouldn’t feel embarrassed about pulling up in a Sprinter Van when you’ve been invited to a cocktail par ... read more

The Best Advice for Diesel Owners

While the majority of America drives gasoline-powered engines, there is a growing tribe of dedicated and passionate diesel owners. Diesel vehicles are reliable, powerful, and are designed to work hard. However, if you want your diesel to take good care of you, you will need to take good care of it. Here is some friendly advice for new members of the diesel fan club: Light diesels tend to be passenger vehicles while heavy-duty diesels are 18-wheel tractor-trailers. If you haul a trailer, pay extra attention to transmission maintenance. The extra load puts a strain on the transmission system. Therefore, it is wise to check your transmission frequently if you are pulling a horse trailer, mobile home, camper, or another vehicle. Diesel engines require more filter maintenance because diesel fuel is not as clean and pure as gasoline. That is why you need to change your fuel filter more frequently, your air filters, and purge the water/fuel separator. Diesels are known for their power and ... read more

Fun Things To Do In Kansas City for Halloween

Halloween is almost here, which means it is time to start planning your little ones’ Halloween costume, break out the decorations, and figure out what you are going to do as the sun starts to set. The team at I-70 Auto Service has compiled a list of fun things to do in Kansas City for Halloween: Scare-It Halloween 2019 Thu, Oct 31, 5:30pm Kansas City Museum, Kansas City, MO Apex Halloween at Vaile Mansion Fri, Oct 25, 8:00pm Vaile Mansion, Independence, MO Starts at $63.54 The Dinner Detective Interactive Murder Mystery Show - Halloween Show! Sat, Oct 26, 6:00pm Crowne Plaza Kansas City Downtown, Kansas City, MO Starts at $64.95 Spooktacular Halloween Cookie Decorating For Kids! Sun, Oct 27, 1:00pm Lenexa Public Market, Lenexa, KS Starts at $25.00 Truck-or-Treat Sat, Oct 19, 12:00pm Independence Center, Independence, MO Free J.S.C.O & CoCo Key Trunk or Treat Thu, Oct 31, 5:00pm CoCo Key Water Resort - Kansas City, Kansas City, MO Free Teen Fright Night Fri, Oct 25, 6:00pm Ke ... read more

How To Navigate Having Young Drivers

Vehicular fatalities are the leading cause of death for teenagers. This statistic is startlingly. If you have a teen driver, you may find yourself starting to worry. However, the team at I-70 Auto Service is here to ease your worries. Here is how to navigate having young drivers out on the roads in Kansas City:  Have a heart to heart with your teen driver; explain to them the guidelines of driving a car and what it means to be a responsible driver.  Practice what you preach! Set a good example for your young drivers by displaying the behavior you want them to follow while driving.  Discuss a zero-tolerance drinking policy. We may think this goes without saying, but it is good to remind our young drivers of the risks.  Encourage good grades. Many insurance companies offer discounts for good grades, which can be especially important if your child is having to pitch in for the costs of driving a vehicle.  Talk about the importance of keeping a pristine drivin ... read more

Your Brake’s Cries for Help

Sometimes, your car can be trying to tell you something. If you are hearing an unusual noise, smelling a funky smell, or feeling something out of the ordinary when driving, it may be a sign that your vehicle needs a little extra TLC. When it comes to your vehicle’s brakes, you should never ignore the warning signs:  You notice that your brake light is flashing on your dashboard. Your brake light is on.  When you are driving, you either a squealing sound, grinding noise, or both. These sounds are usually indicators of metal against metal.  When you step on your brakes, you feel wobbling or vibration.  Your brakes are leaking fluid.  Your brakes feel spongy or soft when you use them.  You smell a burning noise while driving, which is a symptom of an overheated brake or clutch.  When driving, your car is pulling to one side of the road, which can indicate a damaged brake hose or caliper.  If you are pulling to one side of the road whil ... read more

Road Trip Playlists

Planning a road trip anytime soon? If your answer is yes, then a road trip playlist should be on your to-do list, along with an inspection performed by the technicians at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City. You can focus on putting together a playlist while the rest of our team can make sure your vehicle is ready to embark on your adventure.  Here are some songs for your road trip playlist:  “Born to Run” by Bruce Springsteen “Here I Go Again” by Whitesnake “Where the Streets Have No Name” by U2 “Keep the Car Running” by Arcade Fire “Sweet Home Alabama” by Lynyrd Skynyrd “Truckin’” by Grateful Dead “Road to Nowhere” by Talking Heads “Graceland” by Paul Simon “Take It Easy” by the Eagles “America” by Simon and Garfunkel Download on Amazon “Route 66” by Chuck Berry “Home” by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros “Going Up the ... read more

Problems with Family Vehicles

At I-70 Auto Service, we do our best to ensure your vehicle is reliable, dependable, and practically invincible. However, without proper preventative maintenance, we see vehicles being brought into our shop, afflicted with the same problems. Here are the issues we commonly see on family cars that are driven locally:  Worn Brake Pads: Brakes wear down naturally over time, which is why preventative maintenance is a must, especially before you are faced with an expensive or dangerous problem.  Alignment: If your tires are wearing unevenly, or you feel a vibration in your steering wheel, you may need an alignment.  Radiator Leaks: Corrosion is usually the culprit if your coolant is leaking. A leaky radiator can lead to your vehicle overheating or even a fire within your engine.  Malfunctioning Sensors: Modern cars are equipped with an array of high-tech sensors, and even though they have tons of benefits, they also have their downfalls, like when they malfunction.&n ... read more

Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

When school is out for the summer, we are all going to be heading out on those summer vacations to bask in the sun and take a breather from rushing to soccer games, making it school before the first bell, and racing to the grocery store before it closes.  If you are planning a roadtrip, we want you to completely enjoy your trip. We don’t want you to have worry about any unexpected breakdowns, which is why we have put together a summer road trip checklist. Make sure you have each of these items ready to go:   First-aid kit.  Jumper cables.  Tunes, podcasts, and DVDs!  Road trip games for your little ones.  Non Perishable snacks and drinks with a lid.  Extra-plastic bags and a roll of paper towels.  Smartphone with GPS.  Spare clothes.  Mobile phone charger.  Audio books.  Portable WiFi device or cellular data plan.  Bring your car into I-70 Auto Service before you head out on your road trip. Our tech ... read more

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