How to Beat The Heat in Your Vehicle This Summer - Creative Vehicle Awnings and Tents

Summer is here, and BOY is it hot! To help you beat the heat on your summer camping trips or just for a good ol’ BBQ in the back 40, here are our hot takes for the coolest vehicle awnings and tents!​

For just a basic awning to put over your truck or vehicle, we like this from Tepui. At $265, this baby will keep your bros and beers alike cool, while not breaking the bank!

For just a basic changing station on the lake between fishing excursions, there’s this car or truck awning from FrontRunner Outfitters! This folds up easily and can stow in small spaces.

For the true outdoor enthusiast, here’s a serious level unlock on car camping! Tepui makes this cool little tent, which comes complete with a lovely ladder for clambering up to your summer retreat tent getaway!

Before you set off on the next great summer adventure, bring your car or truck down to I-70 for a full vehicle servicing and maintenance! If you are too busy and you prefer we pick up or deliver your vehicle, make the request when you schedule an appointment. Happy trails to you and yours this Summer!