Kansas City Coolant fluid Service "Flush"

Where do Kansas City car owners go for a coolant fluid service or flush? The answer is I-70 Auto Service. For over 40 years, I-70 Auto Service has been providing thorough and honest car repair. Our auto mechanics are trained, and we use only the latest technology and equipment. If you are in need of any auto repair or coolant fluid service, we invite you to see us at I-70 Auto Service. 

The coolant fluid in your car's engine is important. For everything to run properly, the engine needs to stay at the right temperature. This is where coolant fluid comes in. This fluid allows the cooling system to either warm up or cool down the car. You can think of coolant fluid as a glass of ice water or a hot cup of tea. But it's important to remember that coolant fluid requires a routine flush. When you bring your vehicle to us for auto service, our team of mechanics will carefully inspect your vehicle's coolant system, perform the coolant fluid service, and keep you informed each step of the way. 

Above all, we care deeply about our clients and the work we perform. Our heart is in it. We do not believe there is a competing repair shop in Kansas City with as much passion and love for their customers as we do. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a coolant fluid service or flush today. Conveniently located in Kansas City, and our car repair team looks forward to taking care of you and your vehicles.