Top Things To Know About Land Rover Repair at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO

Range Rover Jeep

Three words: four, wheel, drive. Land Rover may not have invented it (side fact, that was Porsche!) but they certainly have mastered it. These cars are built from the inside out purely for off-road, outdoor adventure. You have to find somewhere that the mechanics are passionate about cars, where they truly appreciate the work put into manufacturing and taking care of these vehicles. I-70 Auto Service is the place for you, you great off-road wanderer.

Unfortunately, with adventure, comes some damages. Mud, sand, and dirt, can get everywhere in these cars and kick-start some major problems with your vehicle. Other issues that drivers come into contact with pretty often are problems with coolant, along with malfunctioning windshield wipers and delayed window retractors. These are annoying issues that need attention right away, but in the grand scheme of things, they're not very serious problems. With diligent attention to your Rover and regular maintenance check appointments at I-70 Auto Service, you're adventure-mobile will last you a good long time.

When it comes to maintenance for your Land Rover vehicle, the maintenance costs aren't all that high on average. Anticipate paying about $200 or so for a standard check engine light diagnosis. Specifically, for a Land Rover 2012  Range Rover Sport in Kansas City, you'll pay closer to $150 for a check engine light diagnosis. Other maintenance work is not high cost, like front brake pad replacement ($775), serpentine belt replacement ($277), and oil changes ($115).

At I-70 Auto Service, we have all the equipment and expertise to do jobs like these well. In fact, we are one of the few independent auto repair shops in downtown Kansas City that has the Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Topic Service Diagnostic Subscription, which means you are getting factory-level diagnostic testing when we inspect your Jaguar or Land Rover. On top of that, we can provide repairs that are far more complex and labor intensive, thanks to the amount of training we have. Our experience and investment in learning opportunities like classes, training, and certifications such as ASE-Certification, keep our technicians well-versed in the most efficient, top of the line automotive technologies. We can take good care of your Land Rover, no matter what repairs you need.

Take a look what one customer had to say about the service she received from I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO:

"I've been going to I-70 Auto for about a year and I can confirm that they completely stand up to their high reviews are worth every penny. Since moving to Kansas City I had been trying to find a decently priced, honest, courteous repair shop with no luck. I felt taken advantage of, disrespected and unsure about what repairs I did or did not need. I-70 completely changed all of that. They explain things to me when I ask without being condescending and their prices are fair. They take the time to tell me what services they suggest I need in the future which makes me feel invested in my car without feeling like I'm being upsold. The shop is always clean, their employees are fantastic and I really cannot recommend them enough." -Elena

If you're the kind of person four-wheel drive was meant for, then the only place in Kansas City for you and your Land Rover is I-70 Auto Service. Visit us and get to know what all the positive feedback is about. We'll take good care of your Land Rover. We promise.