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Kansas City Tune Up Service

Tune up work is one of the most common automotive service items. The range of services and items that can fall under a "tune up" can vary widely depending on the vehicle. Newer vehicles require less part replacement and more preventive maintenance. Vehicles that do more hard driving or hauling need more frequent parts replacement. No matter what your vehicle's specific tune up needs are, I-70 Auto Service can get it done. Our technicians will also review the performance and condition of major systems. Comparatively speaking, the cost of regular tune ups and preventive maintenance is minor next to the costs of major repairs and parts replacements. What makes I-70 the best option around for your tune up?

  • Tune Ups that are Quick & Affordable
  • Restore Mileage, Power, Acceleration & Performance
  • All of Our Technicians are Trained
  • I-70 is Your Locally Owned NAPA AutoCare Center
  • Our Warranty is Good Nationwide (13,000 NAPA Locations)
  • 36 months/36,000 miles Nationwide Warranty on Parts & Labor

"The ultimate trust I have in Joe has to do with my wife, daughter and elderly mother. I trust Joe to identify and fix problems with the vehicles my wife, daughter and mother drive."

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