Top Things To Know About MINI Repair at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO


The MINI. Small, fierce, independent, responsible, and cute. The descriptors that come up for MINIs range widely. Whatever you may think when you see these little wonders, no one can deny their efficiency nor their unique style. The equipment necessary to work on MINIs properly is difficult to come by, and often very expensive when you can find it. At I-70 Auto Service we have already invested in all the ISTA tools from the MINI factory that are necessary to provide your MINI with any of the repairs it could need.

Some of the most common repairs that MINIs need are clutch or transmission failure. Both of these are expensive repairs if they come up. It's better to try and prevent them from going in for maintenance checks even more often than most mechanics would recommend, just to be safe. Since MINIs have timing chains (metal, clunky parts that keep all the parts inside the engine running in sync) rather than timing belts (a study rubber version of chains), some noise is inevitable. However, if you're driving your MINI Cooper and notice more noise than usual, bring it in right away to I-70 Auto Service! Various leaks, steering, and pump problems are also common in these cars. In general, know that MINIs are finicky. The best way to keep them in shape is lots of maintenance, oil changes, and a careful eye on your MINI's performance and handling.

When you do need maintenance or part replacements for your MINI, I-70 Auto Service offers reliable estimates for the typical repairs we perform at our auto repair shop in downtown Kansas City. For a 2011 MINI Cooper, the costs aren't too high for most maintenance, like:

  • Oil changes, $95
  • Spark plug replacement, $235
  • Check Engine light diagnosis, $150

But labor-intensive replacement jobs on Mini Coopers are higher. (They use BMW parts, so that makes sense.):

  • Clutch replacement, $2,116
  • Brake rotor replacement, $465
  • Serpentine belt replacement, $155

All of the work we do at I-70 Auto Service comes with outstanding customer service. We have shuttle services, a comfortable lobby, free WiFi, and we'll even pick up and drop off your car at your home for you! Take for example what one customer had to say about us:

"Since I purchased my Mini in 2009 I've taken it to many service centers around the country. And while I've gotten good work out of all of them, for my money I-70 is hands down the best car service and repair I've yet encountered. The quality of workmanship, amazing customer service and competitiveness of the pricing are all 5-star. You won't regret working with the team at 1-70." - Stan

Our goal at I-70 Auto Service is to earn our client’s trust and create a base of lifelong customers who rely on us for the best service in Kansas City. And we’ve been succeeding, for many years now, thanks to the dedication and cohesion of our staff team, our top-of-the-line certifications, technologies, and equipment, and our focus on customer satisfaction and safety on the road.  If you have been searching for somewhere around Kansas City to get your MINI serviced, you’ve found the place!