Get Your Vehicle Ready For Summer: And Check The Car Seats, Too!

Isn’t it a relief to have the ambiguity of early spring behind us? With the time change, the days are lengthening, and we’re all beginning to spend more time outdoors. Teachers and kids alike are itching for summer. Families are making summer vacation plans. Don’t forget, though--your car needs summer preparedness too!

When the skilled auto mechanics at I-70 take your car keys, we’re taking your freedom, plus your means of reliably and safely transporting your precious loved ones around. When you bring your car to I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, you’re trusting us not only with your vehicle, but with your safety. Nothing is more important to us than making sure our customers reach their destinations safely, whether that be the company picnic or the school play. That is why if you bring your car in for a timely pre-summer tuneup, we will make sure you carseats are correctly installed for FREE!

We know how hard it is to keep up on all the various safety guidelines and laws as a young parent. Heck, it’s hard to get a shower every day! At I-70 Auto in Kansas City, we are here to help you keep those bouncing youngins safe in the car! Did you know that over HALF of carseats in America are incorrectly installed? At I-70, we can check your car seats and make sure that they’re installed tightly and correctly, which is just one more way we can get you and your family back on the move. So, come on down to I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO. Schedule your service appointment today to get your car ready for summer and get those car seats checked at the same time! We can’t wait to see you.