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Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

When school is out for the summer, we are all going to be heading out on those summer vacations to bask in the sun and take a breather from rushing to soccer games, making it school before the first bell, and racing to the grocery store before it closes.  If you are planning a roadtrip, we want you to completely enjoy your trip. We don’t want you to have worry about any unexpected breakdowns, which is why we have put together a summer road trip checklist. Make sure you have each of these items ready to go:   First-aid kit.  Jumper cables.  Tunes, podcasts, and DVDs!  Road trip games for your little ones.  Non Perishable snacks and drinks with a lid.  Extra-plastic bags and a roll of paper towels.  Smartphone with GPS.  Spare clothes.  Mobile phone charger.  Audio books.  Portable WiFi device or cellular data plan.  Bring your car into I-70 Auto Service before you head out on your road trip. Our tech ... read more

Brake Health: Warning Signs You Won’t Want To Miss

When it comes to the safety of you, your family, and your vehicle, your brakes are something you don’t want to mess with. Your brake system is practically synonymous with safety, so if you are experiencing any of these warning signs, contact the team of technicians at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City right away.  If you can answer yes any of these questions, your brake’s health may be in jeopardy:  Has your brake light been flashing on your dashboard?  Do you hear squealing, squeaking, or grinding noises originating from your brakes?  When you brake, do you feel wobbling, vibrating, or scraping?  Are your brakes leaking any fluid?  When you step on the brakes, does the pedal feel spongy or soft?  Is your vehicle pulling to one side when braking?  Are you smelling something burning?  Does your vehicle bounce up and down when you stop short?  You don’t need to answer yes to all of these questions for it to mean ... read more

Fluid Checks Your Car Needs Now

The term “spring cleaning” doesn’t just apply to our homes, but it also can be applied to our cars. Winter has taken a toll on our vehicles, so with spring just around the corner; it is the perfect time to spring clean your car, starting with the fluids.  If you are unsure about the last time a technician examined your vehicle’s fluids, we encourage you contacting us today to set up an appointment, regardless of the season. Our technicians are here to help ensure you start spring off right. Here are six fluids ready for a little spring cleaning: Hands down, oil is your most vital fluid. There are various components in your engine that are spinning constantly and quickly, and your engine oil keeps everything running smoothly.  Coolant, as the name indicates, keeps your engine cool. Maintaining your coolant levels keep your vehicle from overheating.  Before power steering, when you turned your steering wheel, it would feel incredibly heavy. Howev ... read more

Up And At ‘Em: Best Ways To Improve Fuel Mileage

Happy New Year to our I-70 family! We hope that you are keeping yourselves safe and warm and that you had a lovely holiday season! This month, all of us are trying to cut back on expenses, so what better time to address fuel efficiency?! Did you know that there are lots of things that you, the driver, can do to improve fuel efficiency in your vehicle? Read on to find out… Be sure to close your gas cap tightly! It seems like a simple thing but trust us; it makes a big difference. Why? It keeps your gas in your tank, and it prevents it from evaporating! Make sure you look after your tires. When your tires are not correctly inflated, it drags the whole car down, which positively can affect fuel economy.  Lessen the lead-foot! We know, we’re in a hurry. But if you can ease up on the gas pedal, you can get better miles to the gallon! Don’t overload your vehicle. Keep inside of it only what you need. Excessive weight loads also drag down your fuel effi ... read more

Best Holiday Gifts for Car Lovers

Got a car lover in your life? Here are some of I-70’s hot picks for seriously cool holiday gifts: For the neatnicks in your life who love to keep their cars spotless and copacetic, check out a car organizer like this one. They’ll be able to keep all their stuff organized, AND still keep it in their car! For the dapper people among you who like to keep it extra, consider these gear shifter cufflinks. They add charm and class to any ensemble.  For the audiophile who just loves to jam down the road listening to their favorite tunes, a gift card to a music playing service like Spotify, iTunes, or something else is an excellent choice.  Boost your car lover’s mood, help them relax or stay alert, all by giving them an essential oil diffuser! You can load up one of these with their favorite essential oil, like citrus or peppermint, and their car will smell good year round! These are just a few ideas meant to get your creative juices flowing. Have fun picking th ... read more

Is Your Vehicle Ready for Holiday Road Trips?

Here at I-70, we like to help you with all aspects of auto repair, not just the big ones. One of the ways we serve our community is by making sure your vehicle is ready to go on those long holiday road trips.  Here are some tips to get your car ready for holiday road trips:  Consider a car detailing  Get your car clean and tidy, and if you are pressed for time, consider getting the car detailed. Detailing can really pep up your ride, and everyone loves driving a clean car! Your car is a microcosm of your life and the interior keeps you safe and warm while you go places, so give it a little TLC. Keep Safe With Electronics Make sure you have a phone mount for your car. Consider downloading a navigation app like Waze so you can keep an eye on traffic. Don’t forget your chargers, and be aware that in many places you might not have signal.  Be Prepared Just in case you get stranded, make sure that you have necessities like a roadside assistance kit, blankets, s ... read more

Halloween Costumes for Your Car

October seems like as good a month as any to let loose and release your inner ghoulies! What better way to celebrate our favorite spooky holiday than by decorating your car for the occasion? Read on for some chillingly great car costume ideas!  Trick out your car to look like a mermaid cove!  Meow? Who doesn’t love a black cat?! We love this idea, especially good for black cars.  Looking to protect your ride from a nefarious passer-by and the ill-timed egg throw? Try a pumpkin car cover: How about a zany mouth full of candy?    For those of us still awaiting our owl from Hogwarts: Sweet surprises: For a car costume idea that’s high on whimsy, why not a gumball machine?  Whatever you cook up for your car this Halloween, remember to bring the car to I-70 for all auto repair and maintenance! We can’t wait to assist you. Have a safe, fun, and thrilling Halloween! To make sure you don't have any unexpected surprises during your ... read more

Getting your Vehicle Ready for Winter

  It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? Kids are back in school, and the retailers have hauled out the wreaths! Sadly, summer is behind us, fall is ahead...and winter is coming. What steps should we take to prepare our vehicles for winter? Read on to find out... Clean it out. Bid “adieu” to your old soda cans and bottles. Make sure that you’ve gotten rid of all those receipts. Sprucing up your car will make you feel ready for winter! Consider a new air freshener, and give the whole vehicle a vacuum. Stock it with winter supplies. Add extra bottled water, extra coolant, extra oil, and extra blankets to your car. Make sure you have flares or a bright light. Check to make sure that you have a tire replacement kit well in order. Having these supplies on hand can help keep you safe in case your car stalls! Check the tires. Worn treads? Bad alignment? Low air pressure? No matter what, we can help you make sure your tires are ready for winter. Snow? S ... read more

It’s A Win! What To Expect When Bringing Your Car to I-70

Here at I-70, nothing makes us happier than happy customers! We bust our buns on the daily to make sure our customers not only get their cars fixed but also that they leave feeling like they’ve gotten the very best service money can buy! And we do this for all customers.  We were able to get this traveling family back on the road quickly and safely: “While traveling from Colorado to Illinois we had car trouble. I-70 Auto Service bent over backwards to work us into their busy schedule. They got us back onto the road in a matter of hours. Thank you guys!”-- Tom C. Another new and happy customer who needed that special I-70 touch for his Ford: “I was looking for a reputable shop to service my F350 turbo-diesel. All of the positive  reviews led me to I-70 Auto Service, and rightfully so. I had a variety of unrelated issues all of which were addressed and fixed. Tyler was communicative and up-front about pricing (there was a lot of work) the work was do ... read more

How to Beat The Heat in Your Vehicle This Summer - Creative Vehicle Awnings and Tents

Summer is here, and BOY is it hot! To help you beat the heat on your summer camping trips or just for a good ol’ BBQ in the back 40, here are our hot takes for the coolest vehicle awnings and tents! ​ For just a basic awning to put over your truck or vehicle, we like this from Tepui. At $265, this baby will keep your bros and beers alike cool, while not breaking the bank!   For just a basic changing station on the lake between fishing excursions, there’s this car or truck awning from FrontRunner Outfitters! This folds up easily and can stow in small spaces.   For the true outdoor enthusiast, here’s a serious level unlock on car camping! Tepui makes this cool little tent, which comes complete with a lovely ... read more

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