How To Navigate Having Young Drivers

Drivers Seat

Vehicular fatalities are the leading cause of death for teenagers. This statistic is startlingly. If you have a teen driver, you may find yourself starting to worry. However, the team at I-70 Auto Service is here to ease your worries. Here is how to navigate having young drivers out on the roads in Kansas City: 

  1. Have a heart to heart with your teen driver; explain to them the guidelines of driving a car and what it means to be a responsible driver. 
  2. Practice what you preach! Set a good example for your young drivers by displaying the behavior you want them to follow while driving. 
  3. Discuss a zero-tolerance drinking policy. We may think this goes without saying, but it is good to remind our young drivers of the risks. 
  4. Encourage good grades. Many insurance companies offer discounts for good grades, which can be especially important if your child is having to pitch in for the costs of driving a vehicle. 
  5. Talk about the importance of keeping a pristine driving record. Safe driving is the way to ensure your driving record stays clean and free of any blemishes. 
  6. No distractions -- talk to your young driver about the importance of eliminating all distractions from cellphones to loud music. 
  7. It seems like a no-brainer but don’t forget to wear your seatbelt. 4200 lives could saved each year if 90% of the population wore their seatbelts. 
  8. Make sure the vehicle your teen is driving is in safe condition, as a vehicle that is not properly maintained can increase the risk of involving your teen driver in dangerous situations. 

Together, we can keep your teen driver safe on the road. Our aim is to keep your vehicle safe and secure, and with our team on your side, you can have peace of mind about the condition of your car. Schedule an appointment today.