Why Did My Steering Wheel Lock Up?

One of the scariest situations a driver can encounter is a locked up steering wheel. While this problem is less likely to occur in newer cards, it can still happen to anyone. A hard steering wheel can be due to various problems associated with the power steering system, suspension, or even ignition. 


Here are some problems that can cause your steering wheel to lock up:

  • Power steering system issue: The power steering pump is one major component of the system that can get stuck or jammed with debris over time. Another possible explanation why your wheel seized up is due to a power steering fluid leak (if you have a hydraulic system). Either way, these problems are very difficult to deal with so please bring your vehicle to I-70 Auto Service for repairs.
  • Steering rack or suspension issue: In rare instances, a failure in your vehicle’s suspension, or in the steering rack or column, will cause your steering wheel to stiffen up.
  • Faulty ignition: An ignition system can sometimes overwork itself, which can cause your key to not be able to switch the ignition on or off. If this happens when the vehicle is moving, this can cause your steering wheel to seize up.

While steering wheel lockup is not a common problem, it is still possible. When it does occur,it could put you, your passengers, and other drivers on the road in serious trouble. If you notice that your steering system is acting up, we invite you to bring your car to our trusted repair shop.

Please call or visit I-70 Auto Service soon!