What is Brake Fade?

What is brake fade? In layman's terms, brake fade is when the brakes of a car suddenly decrease in performance. For instance, when you need to make an emergency stop and slam your brakes, only to see that your wheels do not slow the car down as much as you'd hoped.

Of course, one of the biggest culprits in the breakdown of your vehicle's braking system is the tires. Tires worn too low are difficult to grip and control and often have to rely on the suspension system to slow the car down. This leads to brake problems with the shock absorbers, which then translate to misalignment, brake fade, and misalignment of the wheels. If the tires are worn too low, and you do not get your brake pads changed, you are headed for trouble.

Additionally, brake fade can happen because of worn or old brakes, faulty brake pads, or faulty suspension systems. Regardless of the cause, damage to the rotors and/or pads is what causes the problem most of the time. Damage can also result from road debris, such as rocks or other road debris kicked up by passing vehicles. In addition, some manufacturers use low-grade parts, which can actually cause brake failure.

Sometimes the problem may be more serious than just worn tires. Rotors, which are rubber components covering the cylinders and wheels, also wear out over time. If the rotors are damaged, the rotors may cause brakes to fail. Damaged rotors may cause brake failure by rubbing on the brake pads. When this happens, the rotors will wear out faster than the rest of the body of the vehicle, and this will ultimately lead to failure.

In summary, if you notice the signs of brake fade but aren't sure what it means, don't hesitate to get help. Your safety and that of your passengers are paramount, and your car should always be maintained and serviced correctly.

In addition, most auto parts stores boast repair shops and knowledgeable personnel who can help answer questions you may have. The right mechanic can also tell you whether or not your brakes need new brakes, and whether or not they'll be able to fade the old brakes back to their original green shade.

If you need brake repair, we invite you to bring your vehicle into our auto repair shop today!