What Is a Transfer Case?

If you own a vehicle with an AWD/4x4 system, you’ve probably heard of the transfer case before. The easiest way to explain what a transfer case is that it transfers the power from the engine and through the transmission to the vehicle’s axles in the rear and front shafts. It allows all four of your wheels to perform wonderfully, especially in offroading conditions.

All-wheel drive and 4-wheel drive vehicles have gained popularity over the last decade or two. In fact, over half of the vehicles on the road today have these capabilities. If you want to take care of your investment, the transfer case should go unmissed.

The maintenance required is normally a gear oil or transmission fluid. Since this liquid is exposed to high pressures and temperatures constantly, the fluid loses its effectiveness over time. When this happens, it is important to change or flush the fluid to prevent a breakdown.

Another form of maintenance that the transfer case requires is general inspections. At our auto repair shop, we can closely analyze the actuator and motor to see if they are working to effectively support the 4WD system.

Transfer Case Service in Kansas City, MO

If you need help taking care of your AWD/four-wheel drive, please do not hesitate to contact the experts at I-70 Auto Service. We look forward to seeing you for a transfer case service soon!