Top Things To Know About Mercedes-Benz Repair at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO

Mercedes-Benz Front

Mercedes-Benz is known for prestige and luxury. These cars are built with incredible craftsmanship and attention to detail, to a level that most have come to expect from the automaker. Works like these inspire those of us at I-70 Auto Service to be exceptional in our craft and service. Drive like that is why we’ve become the premier, full-service automotive repair location in Kansas City.

Although Mercedes are crafted with quality and distinction, there are a few bugs here and there that most Mercedes share in common. Often, the culprits that send Mercedes drivers into our shop are smaller, frequently overlooked parts. Engine mounts, window regulators, check engine lights, and air suspension systems. More serious issues that arise with Mercedes-Benz are things like catalytic converters, transmission problems, and steering components. At I-70 Auto Service, we are highly-qualified to resolve Mercedes repairs like these. We are also fully capable of performing more labor intensive repairs in addition to regular maintenance tasks.

Mercedes drivers can expect to pay a reasonable investment for their repairs. Take, for example, a 2013 Mercedes-Benz S550. In Kansas City, the average cost for an oil change for this specific car is around $125. For front brake pads and rotor replacement, the cost is about $650.00. A serpentine belt replacement is closer to $225, and a regular check engine light diagnosis comes in at around $169. Our highly trained, ASE-Certified technicians and talented service staff will make sure your repairs and maintenance checks are accurate and long-lasting repairs. Our mechanics have the most expensive, up-to-date, technology and electronics out there to diagnose and repair any damages your Mercedes may have suffered on the road. Everyone on staff at I-70 Auto Service keeps up with regular training and certification programs, including ASE-Certification, so that they can stay on top of any new technology or other means of repairing Mercedes in the most efficient way.

At I-70 Auto Service, all our Mercedes-Benz repair services come with our many amenities. We strive to meet the high standards we set for ourselves, each and every time we go above and beyond in our repairs and customer service. That’s why we offer shuttle service, free WiFi, and a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty on all of our repairs. Just listen to what Saira had to say about I-70 Auto Service:

“A+++! This is our new auto shop, no question. Their service was friendly, courteous and professional, and they were able to diagnose and repair a difficult issue that other shops have NOT been able to figure out. Their pricing was fair, and they made every effort to explain what was going to be done, why, and what alternative options would be. My husband and I have a lot of confidence and trust in this shop, and that's something that's hard to find in this business. They are trustworthy and skilled experts who will take great care of you and your vehicle - it's worth the trip. Thanks so much you guys!” -Saira

It has always been our mission here at I-70 Auto Service to rise to the top. Just as Mercedes-Benz has done with their luxury vehicles, we aim to do so in our own business. We aim to maintain long standing relationships with our clients that are founded on reliability, honesty, and professionalism that keeps them coming back to I-70 Auto Service for the best in the automotive business. If you are looking for *the* place to bring your Mercedes in for maintenance and repair, your search is over. Come into I-70 Auto Service and see what everyone’s been talking about. You’ll be glad that you did.