Top Things To Know About BMW Repair at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO

BMW Front

The fact is plain and straightforward: not everyone can work on a BMW. That's why you shouldn't have “just anyone” working on yours. The ISTA factory tools we have from BMW at our disposal are specialized, and uncommon among the local auto shops except for I-70 Auto Service and the BMW dealerships. We are equipped to expertly handle any of the repairs you could ever need on a BMW, from the usual maintenance to larger repair projects. At I-70 Auto Service, we employ only the best team members. All our technicians are ASE-Certified, two of which are Master Technicians. All this makes I-70 Auto Service your best option when it comes to automotive repair providers in Kansas City.

All BMWs share much of the same drawbacks when it comes to repairs. The most common problems that BMW drivers run into are electronic or regulatory failures. Functions like windows rolling down properly or at all. This can also mean that the doors don't properly lock or unlock when prompted by the key fob. More severe issues that crop up pretty often with BMWs are related to engine management and tire pressure-related complications. Luckily for all the BMW drivers in Kansas City, I-70 Auto Service has technicians ready to work with each customer on any of the usual or less common BMW mechanical or electronic damages. We'll work with you step by step on what exactly you need for your car, to get you back on the road quickly and safely.

Although every car is unique, much of the routine repairs are comparable in cost among BMWs. For example, at I-70 Auto Service an oil change costs about $125 on average. Brake repairs cost around $652, Battery replacement around $415 a diagnosis for the check engine light is around $150. Taking your BMW to I-70 Auto Service is a smart investment for both you and your car. You can rest easy knowing that your BMW is in skilled care, and continue your day as usual with our shuttle service to get you wherever you need to go. We give attention to making sure our customers have a worry-free trip to see us for their BMW maintenance, every time. Over 40 years working in the automotive industry has earned us a reputation of doing just that. Take a look at what one of our customers has to say about it!

“I always get the best service from I-70. They explain the options I have, what is most important and what can wait for when I can afford it. I went in this time with a complaint that did not threaten the operation of my car but rather the efficiency of my car and they came up with solutions to deal with that problem.” -Jeff

Anytime you need BMW repairs from a professional place of business, I-70 Auto Service is your answer. We'll go above and beyond, through and through. From clear communication with our service advisors to our dedicated team of ASE-Certified technicians, I-70 Auto Service will make sure the job gets done correctly, every time. You'll be glad that you came in to see us at I-70 Auto Service. Give us a call at (816) 656-2325 to make an appointment for your BMW today! You can find us easily at 3111 Stadium Drive, Kansas City, MO 64128, between Stadium Drive and E 31st Street. We’ll take care of you and your BMW!