Top Ten Ways to Show Your Love This Valentine's Day

February! We’re already in the second month of the new year! You’ve got 14 days to plan a happy holiday for you and your sweetheart. Or, if you’d rather spend the day with the best of friends, there’s plenty of ways to show your love for those dear to you too! So in honor of St. Valentine’s day, here’s a few ways to show your significant other or even your best pal how much you care!

1. Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

We thought we ought to start out with classics; flowers, chocolate, a romantic card… so you can celebrate your love on February 14th of this year. You can mix it up by baking sweet treats yourself or getting your loved one a potted plant for a reminder that will last past the winter months.

2. Take care of a few little things.

Really! Maybe tidy up, fill their gas tank, or make dinner for the night. A little contribution to make your special someone’s busy day just a little calmer and a little more joyful can go a long way.

3. Talk it out.

There’s no time like the present to tell express how much you care, or apologize. Set aside some time to discuss whatever’s been hanging over your head a while, if anything. One of the best gifts you can give is your time and company.  

4. Write it out.

Not the best wordsmith in person? No need to fuss or worry about it, try writing a letter. All love letters are not eloquent poetry, rather, just some kindness from the heart.

5. Make a grand gesture!

Throw a big surprise birthday party for them this year or take them somewhere special. Perhaps it might even be the perfect time to start planning a future together! Again, take some time to plan something special. Consider making the next move in your friendship or relationship.

6. Go out tonight.

Go somewhere new. Take a long drive along the scenic route just for the company, conversation, and change of scenery. Or, find a new favorite restaurant. Find a place to go dancing! The options are endless for you and your significant other, just outside your comfort zone.

7. See a show!

Movies, theater, or a local high school improv club’s performance! Anything you can see together or with your group of closest friends, and laugh about later. Enjoy some of the stories other have to share, experience them with the people you hold dear, and pass it on.

8. Bored? Board games!

Believe it or not, board games have gotten an update since your childhood rounds of Chutes and Ladders or Monopoly. Order a new one or pick one up from a store, see if it could be something new for you and your best friends to share in.

9. Nostalgic trip.

Rather than go somewhere new, try retracing your steps back to another happy time for you and your dearest. Even if there’s no high school reunion coming up, travelling back to your old stomping grounds or the restaurant you had your first date. Who knows, maybe it’ll give you that warm fuzzy feeling from days past and help show the two of you how far you’ve come.

10. Be (the) present.

We know we’ve said this already, but want to wrap up with this point too. Giving those you care about your time and presence is a wonderful, sometimes overlooked gift. Being present, listening, and enjoying your sweetheart’s company is an excellent investment to make with your time this month.