How Do We Love Sprinters? Let Us Count The Ways

Sprinter Vans have a cult following, and there are so many reasons why. At I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, we have the honor to service and repair several Sprinter Vans. Over the years, we have grown to love and appreciate everything about these versatile vehicles. How do we love Sprinter Vans? Let us count the ways...

  1. Sprinter Vans are customizable. When you consider all the drivetrain and engine options, plus the various body styles, wheelbases, floor types (metal, plastic, wood) and roof heights, Sprinter Van owners have more than 1,700 potential variants of the 2019 model. It’s mind-blowing how many options you have to choose from when ordering your very own Sprinter Van.
  2. Sprinter Vans look classy. Maybe it is because we have a longstanding affection for the Mercedes logo, but these vehicles have a beautiful aesthetic. The front end has a nice shape, and you wouldn’t feel embarrassed about pulling up in a Sprinter Van when you’ve been invited to a cocktail party.
  3. Sprinters make excellent motor homes. We have seen several modified Sprinter Vans, but this one demonstrates how comfortably you can load them up with creature comforts. This couple wanted to fit a King-sized bed, two iMac computers, a shower/toilet combo, a stove/oven combo, plus a garage (yes, a garage) that can fit two bikes, and they did so successfully. For all the people who dream of motor home living, Sprinters are a solid option. 
  4. Sprinter Vans are spacious. There is so much room in these vehicles and their owners love all the cargo space. If you saw the video we mentioned above, you can see how big these vans are. Tall people, especially, love the extra headroom, so they don’t spend all their time stooping over to avoid head injuries.
  5. Sprinter Vans are gasoline-powered or diesel-powered, which gives owners more choices. It is nice to know that if you prefer a diesel engine over a gas engine, you have a choice. The majority of vehicles in the United States are gas-powered, but diesel fans are committed to the pluses of diesel engines. 
  6. Sprinter Vans are hard-working vehicles. They can haul quite a bit and are often used as fleet vehicles, farm vehicles, cargo vans, passenger vans, and recreational vehicles. They have the largest payload capacity out of all van models, which puts Mercedes ahead of the pack. Plus, they are loaded with several technology features that make life a lot easier. The attention to detail that went into the design of vans is terrific.
  7. Sprinter Vans still require regular maintenance and repair. If you want your Sprinter Van to be reliable and serve you over a long timespan, you need to take good care of it. 
  8. Sprinter Vans require specialized tools, equipment, and skills. These vehicles are not ideal for Do-It-Yourselfers. We aren’t saying you can’t repair these vehicles on your own. However, we are saying that when you compare the service and care you’ll get from a trained and skilled auto repair team, you’ll have fewer headaches than if you were to do the repairs yourself. Sprinter parts are harder to obtain, so DIYers could get frustrated trying to repair these vans on their own. Plus, the troubleshooting of Sprinter-centric issues is well-known to be “clear as mud." Unless you are a trained Mercedes expert, it’s better to call on a professional to service your Sprinter.

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