Spark Plugs 101

Spark plugs are tiny but mighty. They are responsible for kick-starting a series of reactions that allows your engine to start up smoothly and run efficiently. Therefore, you need to keep up with your spark plug’s condition. 

Specifically, spark plugs are the devices in charge of igniting the car’s fuel/air mixture through an electric spark sent from your electrical system. Without spark plugs, the mixture will not combust. Therefore, it cannot translate to mechanical power to move your vehicle.

Spark plugs are used every second of driving. They ignite at an average of 25 times per second. If the spark plugs ignite incorrectly or at the wrong time, it will result in misfires and other problems. To avoid the trouble, you should replace them every 30,000 miles or according to your automaker’s recommendations. Some spark plugs last longer than others, depending on the types of spark plugs (copper, iridium, platinum, etc.).

How to Tell If Your Spark Plugs Have Gone Bag

  • Engine misfires or sputtering
  • Loss of engine power
  • Rough idling
  • Engine inefficiency or consumes more fuel

Waiting too long to replace your spark plugs can result in failures of other parts, including the catalytic converter. To ensure that your spark plugs are operating, a visual inspection of spark plugs is all it takes. 

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