Should I Self-Diagnose a Check Engine Light?

Check engine lights can be daunting, especially if you're the average driver with little-to-no automotive knowledge. If this yellow light comes on your dash, you might question whether you should go to the auto repair shop at all. Today, we will answer the question: should you self-diagnose a check engine light?


While some individuals can do it at home, with the help of the internet, you can still have it wrong. The information can be overwhelming, and sometimes you don't know where to look. That is why we recommend taking your car to our Kansas City auto repair shop for check engine light diagnostics. Our facility has top-of-the-line diagnostic and scan tools to ensure the process is accurate and convenient. Also, our technicians are ASE-certified, and they have plenty of knowledge and expertise in reading trouble codes.


5 Common Problems That Can Trigger the Check Engine Light 

Below are some of the potential problems we can find that could've caused your check engine light to come on:

  • Loose, damaged or missing gas cap 
  • Faulty oxygen (O2) sensor
  • Malfunctioning mass air flow sensor (MAF or MAS)
  • Old or worn spark plugs
  • Bad catalytic converter

Not only will bringing your vehicle to our shop ensure you get a proper diagnosis, but our team can also execute the necessary repairs and reset the warning light. Therefore, you will be satisfied with a pleasant and super convenient experience. You can expect our auto repair shop to provide honest, quality, and fair-priced services.


Please bring your car to I-70 Auto Service for all your automotive needs, including check engine light diagnostics.