Reasons Behind a Faulty Car Heater

Whenever we have a car issue, it can make us scratch our heads in frustration. There is good reason to do so, especially if you are not a mechanic. So, if your automobile's heater begins blowing out cold air in the middle of a freezing and unbearable winter, you will most certainly want to know why. Here are some reasons why the heater may be blowing cold on you.

1. Not Enough Coolant in the Engine

During the summertime, the job of the coolant may be obvious--to keep the engine cool. In the winter months, though, it still has a job to do. The engine will bring the coolant through the heater core and it will then blow warm air into the cabin of the car.

2. There is a Problem with the Heater Core

The job of the heater core is to mainly take the heated coolant and disperse it into the cabin. There are many other things a heater core does as well. The main function, though, is to keep the defrosting and heating going on in the vehicle. Here are signs the heater core is going in your car.

  • There is a fog inside the car.
  • You smell a fruity and sweet odor.
  • The car is using up coolant quickly.
  • Your engine is overheating.

3. The Heater Controls are Broken or Clogged

The control valves for the heater become worn over time. The most significant valve to become broken is the heater control valve. This component acts as the switch that turns the heater core on and off. If it goes, you will get nothing but cold air into the cabin.

4. A Dysfunctional Thermostat

The job of the thermostat is to send the message to the coolant that the car's engine is warm. If you notice that the vehicle is staying on the cool end of your dash, you may want to replace the thermostat. It is relatively an easy and inexpensive fix.

If you have noticed that your car heater may need repairing, please bring your car to our auto repair shop today. We have licensed mechanics waiting to service it.