Protect Your Car from Road Work and Potholes

It seems as though the summertime is upon us again! As more of us are leaving our houses, you may be noticing many streets and roads flooded with the familiar orange signs. Whether it’s detours, potholes, construction workers wandering about, or anything in between, it’s important to stay knowledgeable about what you might encounter. How does construction affect your car anyway?


Tires and Suspension

Roads in construction areas are often left bumpy, affecting parts of your car that are already sensitive to damage - one of those areas includes your wheels. It is always a good idea to check that your tires are in good shape before going for a drive. A moderate leak can suddenly become a flat tire, especially if you hit a piece of machinery or debris. You should also regularly check that your tire suspension is intact. With misaligned tires, every bump in the road can throw your car’s balance and suspension off. If your tires are fighting to maintain a hold of the road, your vehicle has a more difficult time maneuvering and stopping.


Chips & Dings

Small pieces of rocks and rubble are also commonly found in road work areas. As the traffic moves by, the debris gets thrown through the air from one vehicle to the next. There are numerous aesthetic implications: paint chips and minor dents, but windshield dents are the most important. While they may not always be significant, it’s always best to take preventative care as soon as possible to avoid the crack from deepening.



Potholes are found anywhere, but they are sometimes tough to see. The damage of a pothole is unpredictable and depends on the speed and impact with which it’s hit. However, if you sustain any damage, it can affect the tires, create fluid leaks, curve rims, or even ruin your exhaust system. Also, if you hear unusual noises coming from your exhaust, it’s a clear sign that you need your car inspected immediately.


While nothing but careful driving can counteract this, it’s always beneficial to be reminded that accidents can (and often do) occur at places with the most cautionary signs. If you took any damage to your vehicle as described, our mechanics at I-70 Auto Service are happy to take a detailed look at your car and offer you probable solutions.