Must-Have Car Accessories that Everyone Needs

Your car is a long-term investment that will last you for many years. With such an expensive purchase, you should customize your vehicle to meet your needs best and express your personality. There is nothing better than enhancing your driving experience with nifty car gadgets and other accessories. 


Car Mount

This item is a must-have if you often use your navigation apps. It requires no installation and attaches to your phone with a strong magnet. You can conveniently view it by clipping one of these mounts to your air vent. Most of them are flexible, so you can view the screen from whatever angle you please. 


Anti-Slip Grip Pad

These silicone grip pads also do not require any installation. You simply place it on your dashboard, and you can throw your little essentials (sunglasses, keys, phone, wallet, etc.) on it without having to worry about it flying everywhere.


Bluetooth Key Finder

If you are the forgetful type and find yourself searching for your keys constantly, these little attachable fobs are perfect for you. They attach to your keys and syncs up to your mobile device so that you can find them anywhere. Some of the common brands are Tile and Apple Airtag.


Car Trash Can

To keep your car clean, purchase a garbage can for your vehicle. No one wants to be greeted with wrappers and empty plastic bottles on the ground when they step into your car. Most of them are waterproof and hang from the door, back seat, or behind the center console. They are especially beneficial for those who often have longer commutes or take road trips often.


Trunk Net

This item will be a life-saver every time you leave the grocery store. You won't have to worry about your produce spilling out onto the parking lot. The pockets in the net keep items from shifting, and it has built-in hooks to make the installation temporary at your convenience.


These products will change your view of driving for good. We swear by these items at I-70 Auto Service. If your car needs auto repair or maintenance, take it to our shop in Kansas City, MO. Our team of pros will give your vehicle the proper care. Give us a call or visit us today.