Items You Should NOT Leave in Your Car This Winter

With winter soon on its way to Kansas City, there are several things every car owner should know about car care. From system inspections to tire checks, cold weather can strike and do a number on your car's parts. However, most people don't talk about the dangers of the things you leave in your vehicle. We are going to go over several things you shouldn't leave in your vehicle this winter!

Smartphones and Other Tech

It's not uncommon to forget your cell phone or laptop in your car overnight. If you happen to leave any tech device in your car during the winter, it can seriously harm its lithium-ion battery. As temperatures drop, your batteries, including your car battery, can drain a lot quicker. And the cold weather can completely kill it if it's that old. Beyond the battery, the cold can also affect your LCD screens.

Prescription Medications

Whether it's prescriptions or over-the-counter meds, you should never store medicinal items in your car during winter (or summer). Leaving your medicine in your car can corrupt or weaken the medicine's strength. It's best if you leave your prescriptions at home, and if you need to bring them with you, store them in a purse or separate bag.

Food and Drinks

You might think leaving food in the car overnight is acceptable, considering it's like fridge temperature outside. However, if you have canned food or soda bottles, the freezing weather can cause the contents inside these containers to expand. This can ultimately lead to a messy leak or spill that you'd have to clean up. If you have any leftovers, please make sure you properly store them indoors!


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