How To Tell If Your Car is Low on Brake Fluid

Most people think of brake pads when their mechanics mention the braking system, but there are many other parts that make up the system. Out of all of them, the brake fluid is most often overlooked. To celebrate Brake Awareness Month at I-70 Auto Service, read on to learn more about brake fluid.


Why Do Cars Need Brake Fluid?

Vehicle braking systems are hydraulic systems that rely on brake fluid to carry the pressure necessary to stop your vehicle. In other words, your car would not be able to slow down or stop without brake fluid. This is how it works: when you press on the brake pedal, brake fluid is released and moved to stop your wheel’s movement.


Signs That Indicate Low Brake Fluid

  • Spongy or mushy brakes
  • Loose brakes pedal
  • Clear puddles under vehicle
  • Brake warning light on dashboard
  • Poor braking performance

If you experience one or more of the symptoms above, please be sure to bring your vehicle to our trusted repair shop. Your brakes are a serious matter as they directly affect your safety. You need a sufficient amount of clean brake fluid to operate your vehicle. 


For quality brake service and repairs in Kansas City, MO, please call or visit the brake repair specialists at I-70 Auto Service today.