Getting your Vehicle Ready for Winter



It’s beginning to look a lot like...Christmas? Kids are back in school, and the retailers have hauled out the wreaths! Sadly, summer is behind us, fall is ahead...and winter is coming. What steps should we take to prepare our vehicles for winter? Read on to find out...

Clean it out. Bid “adieu” to your old soda cans and bottles. Make sure that you’ve gotten rid of all those receipts. Sprucing up your car will make you feel ready for winter! Consider a new air freshener, and give the whole vehicle a vacuum.

Stock it with winter supplies. Add extra bottled water, extra coolant, extra oil, and extra blankets to your car. Make sure you have flares or a bright light. Check to make sure that you have a tire replacement kit well in order. Having these supplies on hand can help keep you safe in case your car stalls!

Check the tires. Worn treads? Bad alignment? Low air pressure? No matter what, we can help you make sure your tires are ready for winter. Snow? Sleet? Rain? Ice?  We’ve got you covered! Getting your tires properly aligned and making sure they’re in good condition is a huge step to keeping you and your family safe in winter.

New Wiper Blades. Visibility is decreased during the winter, so it’s really important that your wiper blades are in tip-top condition. Don’t leave this up to chance--it’s a quick and cheap repair, and can help improve your ability to navigate the roads safely!

Thirsty Car? This should be part of a routine auto repair maintenance, such as the kind you get at I-70.Brake fluid? Transmission? Oil? We can check it all.  Just bring your vehicle into us, and we can handle these repairs and so many more.

You’ll go through winter a little warmer, knowing that your vehicle is in good hands. Schedule an appointment with us today!