Getting Your Car Ready for a Road Trip

When school is out for the summer, we are all going to be heading out on those summer vacations to bask in the sun and take a breather from rushing to soccer games, making it school before the first bell, and racing to the grocery store before it closes. 

If you are planning a roadtrip, we want you to completely enjoy your trip. We don’t want you to have worry about any unexpected breakdowns, which is why we have put together a summer road trip checklist. Make sure you have each of these items ready to go:  

  1. First-aid kit. 
  2. Jumper cables. 
  3. Tunes, podcasts, and DVDs! 
  4. Road trip games for your little ones. 
  5. Non Perishable snacks and drinks with a lid. 
  6. Extra-plastic bags and a roll of paper towels. 
  7. Smartphone with GPS. 
  8. Spare clothes. 
  9. Mobile phone charger. 
  10. Audio books. 
  11. Portable WiFi device or cellular data plan. 

Bring your car into I-70 Auto Service before you head out on your road trip. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection -- our version of a road trip checklist. Bring your vehicle to our shop, and we will make sure everything is good to go, so you can have complete peace of mind on your road trip. Schedule an appointment today.