Exciting Mercedes-Benz Models Coming In 2023

With almost half of 2023 gone, people are starting to pick up on all the new models released or announced by major car manufacturers. One manufacturer, in particular, has some very exciting models, especially in the EV and hybrid sectors. Mercedes-Benz has revamped and come up with new iterations of previous models while staying true to its motives. Below, you will find a few interesting models, Mercedes-Benz has already put out or will be launching soon.

2023 Mercedes-Benz EQS 450+ SUV

The EQS SUV is the German auto giant's attempt at an EV SUV. While it can look a little strange from the outside, it makes up for it on the inside. The interior is extremely futuristic, with big screens and a sleek, modern design. It makes a very decent 355 HP while still having room for up to seven people. If you are all about futuristic vehicles, check out the EQS 450+ from Mercedes because it will most certainly pique your interest.

2023 Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain

When talking about off-road capability, the E-Class All-Terrain is the answer. Mercedes-Benz has made a sedan capable of going through rough roads and more extreme conditions than usual. It is, of course, equipped with an all-wheel drive system and a 9-speed automatic. The engine is an inline-6 with a mild hybrid drive, making 362 HP. 

2023 Mercedes-Benz GLS

If you are looking for a full-sized SUV by Mercedes, the 2023 GLS class is the right pick for you. It comes in two main trims, the GLS 450, GLS 580, and the AMG GLS 63. We will take a closer look at the GLS 450 because it is the most basic of the three. It is equipped with an inline-6, just like the E-Class All-Terrain, and makes 362 HP. This can be a little bit too slow for some, and that's why there is a GLS 580 and an AMG performance version. It offers an extremely smooth ride and has comfort features all around. The GLS series, in general, is oriented toward comfort and luxury, so if you are into that, make sure to check it out.

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