Diesel or Gas: Which Is For Me?

If you're in the market for a new truck, one question you are probably lingering on is diesel or gas. Both have their pros and cons, but they are dependent on the driver's preference. The type of truck most suited for you will depend on your budget and how you want to use the vehicle. The two main differentiators between the two engine types are cost and power.


It's no secret diesel-powered trucks cost more than gas-powered trucks. According to Forbes, the difference on average is approximately $5K. Though the initial costs of a diesel vehicle are higher, the maintenance costs are drastically different. It only costs slightly more because diesel engines are less common, requiring specialized skills. However, the additional cost may be justifiable for many diesel drivers because diesel engines last longer than gasoline. Furthermore, they hold a higher resale value. 


While hauling heavy items can certainly be done with a gasoline-powered truck, a diesel may work more effectively at doing it. This statement especially holds if you plan on carrying heavy loads at longer distances. Diesel engines have more torque than gasoline engines, and their exhaust, brakes, and fuel economy will help you efficiently get your load where it needs to be. If you often use your truck to carry and unload things, the increased power and cost of a diesel engine may be more than worth it to you.


To make the wisest, long-term decision, you should do plenty of research. Then, you can evaluate your budget capacity and assess your driving habits and personal needs. While diesel may be the best choice for one person, gasoline may be the best option for another. 


Regardless of whether your engine is diesel or gasoline-powered, the importance of maintenance still holds. If your vehicle needs the essential items (oil changes, tire rotations, filter changes, etc.), look no further than the automotive professionals at I-70 Auto Service. We proudly service both types of vehicles!