Budgeting Tips for Auto Maintenance and Repairs

Everybody has been a victim of an unexpected car repair before, and we’ve all had that heart-sinking moment when paying our auto repair bill. However, at I-70 Auto Service, you don’t have to break the bank. When you choose a fair-priced auto service shop and budget your expenses right, you don’t have to sweat the next time your check engine light comes on.

Budgeting – a fundamental financial skill that everyone should be taught! The best way to budget for your car’s specific make/model and your driving lifestyle is by taking a look at previous spending. Then, you can plan for how much to set aside in the upcoming 12 months or so.

First, you should track down previous receipts (or even credit card statements) from work done at auto service shops. This includes oil changes, tire services, etc. You can also call the specific auto shop or dealer as they are more likely to have the record on file.

Once you get all the numbers together, add them up and divide by the months in a year (12) or by the number of paychecks you receive per year. We recommend the latter because it is easy to know how much to set aside after every payday.

Now that you have a maintenance budget out of the way, you should evaluate your vehicle’s condition. Will it need major service or repair soon, like a fluid exchange or new tires? If so, you should add the cost to the total maintenance and then divide it by 12 or the number of paychecks you receive per year.

Last but not least, it does not hurt to add some more to that number for extra cushion. You never know when an unexpected repair may occur. Instances like car accidents or popped tires are unanticipated. 

Having a reliable auto repair shop that is fair and honest with you about pricing is key to starting good auto care habits. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your vehicle’s maintenance, please do not hesitate to reach out to the pros at I-70 Auto Service. We always look forward to helping you!