BMW Maintenance Tips & Tricks For Cold Weather

BMW Maintenance Tips & Tricks For Cold Weather | I-70 Auto Service

Navigating through the bone-numbing cold of winter, you can't help but empathize with your roaring friend – your BMW. Amidst all this, ensuring the smooth driveability of your car becomes more crucial than ever.

1. Keep Battery Performance in Check

Your BMW is more than just a hunk of metal; it's an intricate machine pulsating with energy supplied by its battery. Temperature plummets during winter often hinder adequate charge retention, leading to poor performance or worse, leaving you stranded mid-journey. 

Schedule regular visits with certified technicians who have specialized knowledge on how to maintain optimum battery health. They usually recommend having a volt test performed during routine service checks, which would illuminate any impending failures.

2. Tackle Frozen Fluids Bravely

The sudden drop in mercury levels tends to freeze engine fluids, making it difficult for parts to move smoothly and thus negatively affecting car operations. Keep feeding your car those vital fluids - engine oil, brake fluid, power steering fluid at recommended intervals and ensure they are well-lubricated even in sub-zero temperatures.

3. Letting Tires Take Center-Stand

Your tires promise steadfast grip while negotiating freezing terrains littered with ice and slush. Consider switching to winter tires boasting deeper treads that disperse water swiftly, reducing skidding risk while offering better control over handling maneuvers.

4. Heaters, Coolants & Wipers 

Your car's heating system maintains cabin comfort, besides providing clear visibility by defogging windshields. The coolant also needs checking during winters as it aids heat dissipation, preventing an overheating disaster. Replacing aging wiper blades ensures unobstructed road visibility, avoiding unnecessary accidents.

5. Maintain Exteriors with Regular Car Washes

Salt and grit dispersed to melt snow have a corrosive effect on your car's gleaming exterior. Use warm, soapy water for weekly washes, focusing primarily on the underbody area, which is more susceptible to these harmful deposits.

The cold months could be a test of endurance for both you and your vehicle; stay a step ahead by being ready with your maintenance game! Call us at I-70 Auto Service, and we will take care of your European vehicle, making sure it performs at its best!