Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars are The Future

Autonomous cars or self-driving cars are the cars of the future. If you’re like us, you probably dreamed of flying cars since you were a kid. But who would have dreamed autonomous, self-driving vehicles would become a reality within our lifetime? It’s amazing, isn’t it?

Autonomous cars are all the rage. Google started the buzz of self-driving cars as they mapped out the world. Now Apple, Microsoft, BMW, Ford, Tesla and 39 other companies are trying to break into the autonomous vehicle market. You know you’re onto something big when high-tech companies are scrambling to offer up the car of the future to the masses. These are exciting times, for sure.

So what do these self-driving vehicles mean to us in the future? What happens when autonomous cars no longer require human hands, human eyes, and human cognitive abilities to steer, stop, and park themselves? These cars of the future are going to change many aspects of our daily lives, and the I-70 Auto Service team in Kansas City is excited to watch it all unfold. Here are four things we believe are going to happen once autonomous vehicles become available to the masses.

  1. The blind, disabled, and elderly will be made more independent. Self-driving cars will transport them to the grocery store, the doctor’s office, and to the beauty parlor without having to rely on a ride from a caretaker, friend, or family member.

  2. Big truck brands, like Volvo, are already experimenting with self-driving 18-wheeler trucks that can transport goods across the country. The level of technology and engineering going into the development of these big diesel trucks are going to change the way shipping happens here in the United States. Truck drivers and truck stops are going to see significant changes in their industry.

  3. There should be fewer tragedies on the road caused by distracted drivers. In theory, passengers in autonomous vehicles will be able to text, call, scroll through their social media channels, and check emails while safely riding in their self-driving cars -- and there will be fewer accidents. Here’s hoping auto insurance rates go down, too.

  4. Public transportation already has autonomous trains in place, but what about self-driving taxis? It’s no secret that Uber and other ride-share companies are trying to acquire autonomous vehicles. You don’t have to worry about if the driver is safe, if the driver is honest, or what to tip.

  5. Auto repair shops that stay up on the latest, cutting-edge, automotive technology will be the go-to experts in servicing and repairing these cars of the future. If you look at any vehicle made after the year 2010, they are loaded with multiple computers that require savvy auto techs to repair them. We are guessing that within the next ten years, the auto repair shops that stay on top of the tech game are going to be the auto repair shops that remain in business. For example, gone are the days when you can enter the automotive repair industry, expecting to just wield a wrench. In today’s automotive world, you need to be good with advanced technology, diagnostic testing, reading the computer codes generated by all vehicle brands, problem-solving, and clearly communicating to the customer what is going on with their vehicles. Right now, there is a current shortage of auto technicians, and the automotive industry is busy trying to recruit engineering majors and more women into our field. We can only imagine how much more exciting our industry is going to get when autonomous cars become part of everyday life in these United States.​

If you can’t tell already, the I-70 Auto Service team in Kansas City is super excited to see the cars of the future. We pride ourselves on high-quality workmanship and the ongoing training of our ASE-Certified and ASE-Master auto technicians. We are lucky to have amazing clients who love us, trust us, and help spread the word about our good work. We are passionate about auto repair, and we look forward to going into work each day to see what interesting challenges present themselves to us with each repair project.

If you need auto repair for your personal or work vehicles, we invite you to see us at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City. You’ll be glad you chose a great team that loves what they do and goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy with how your car is running after we’ve serviced it. Contact us to schedule an appointment today