10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Car

We all like our cars, mainly because they get us to where we’re going…most of the time. But some people LOVE their cars, giving them pet names, keeping them shiny and bright and keeping up with their maintenance to a fault.

They’re not just a way to get from Point A to Point B, but to be a source of pride, something to puff your chest out about and show off to your neighbors. You rarely have to worry about your baby on the Interstate or on long trips. It’s ole reliable. And lookin’ good, to boot.

It may sound funny, but some people give their cars gifts. And with Valentine’s Day coming up, it’s a perfect time to reward your four-wheeled beauty with a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift.

Of course, when you give your car a gift, you’re giving yourself a gift too. But here’s the bottom line, the more you love your car and take care of it, the more it will love you back. And who can argue with that?

So here are a few suggestions as to what you get your car for Valentine’s Day:

  • Car Seat Gap Filler. Yes, there are such things. If you spend a lot of time in your car, this is a real handy accessory. It fits in between the seat and the center console and keeps French fries, loose change, pens, etc., keeping your car clean.
  • Portable Hand Vacuum. If you don’t get those gap fillers, a hand vac will take care of those pesky items that fall in between and under seats. They’re relatively inexpensive and you can buy them almost anywhere, Target, WalMart, bed Bath & beyond.
  • Full-On Car Detail. What could be better for your car than a full-on top to bottom, front to back, inside and out detailing package. We swear your car will actually thank you!
  • Dent and scratch removal. Sure you can live with those small cosmetic knicks, dents and scratches on your car. But if you splurge for a removal of all these from a professional, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.
  • One-Gallon Car Mats. Don’t you just hate it when your careless passenger spills a Big Gulp on your floorboards? These car mats are called one-gallon mats because they actually can soak up a whole gallon of liquids!
  • Heated Massage Cushion. If your car doesn’t already have a seat warmer, these are a good alternative. Plus you get the massage action, which is a godsend on long trips.
  • Kick Mats for the back of the car seat. Kids (and some small adults) don’t realize the damage they’re doing when they kick the back seat of your car. These mats eliminate the dirty shoe marks, rips, and dents in your seat.
  • Car charger with three ports. Not all phone chargers are created equal. So to accommodate all the phones owned by you and your passengers, a three-port charger fits the bill.
  • Trunk or backseat organizer. This gift is as much for you as your car. Keep your car clean, and organized and gives you peace of mind.
  • Heated steering wheel cover. Self-explanatory, especially if you live in cold weather areas. Nothing like a warm steering wheel when you get in a cold car. Along those lines, a Remote Car Starter is also a good idea. Nothing like a warm car waiting for you on a frigid day.

There are a million gadgets and accessories that will show your love for your car, but the best gift may simply be preventative maintenance such as a tune-up, oil change, fluid replacement and so forth. And that’s where I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City comes in. You’ll find I-70 Auto Service at 3111 Stadium Drive in Kansas City, MO 64128. Call them for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for your car.