Usually, windshield wipers service is a simple as swapping out old, worn wiper blades with new ones. Sometimes, however, it can entail wiper motors, washer fluid sprayers, hoses, the arm that the blade attaches to, or even an electrical issue that causes wiper problems. No matter what the specific wiper service you need it; I-70 Auto Service can take care of it. At I-70, the goal is to be a partner with you in caring for your vehicle for the long term. That's why, even on something like a wiper blade swap, we do our best to save you money. Our mechanics also perform a routine check of major systems on your vehicle at the time of service. What makes us the right shop for your windshield wipers service?

  • We Can Get Your Wipers Working Like New Again
  • All of Our Technicians are Trained
  • I-70 is Your Locally Owned NAPA AutoCare Center
  • Our Warranty is Good Nationwide (13,000 NAPA Locations)
  • 36 months/36,000 miles Nationwide Warranty on Parts & Labor
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"The ultimate trust I have in Joe has to do with my wife, daughter and elderly mother. I trust Joe to identify and fix problems with the vehicles my wife, daughter and mother drive."

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