Your on board diagnostics system's purpose is to monitor your vehicle, as well as report any issues in the system and display that information to you. As years go by, more technology is getting installed into these vehicles, making them running computers. The more comprehensive these updates are, the easier diagnostic displays get. This also means that more sensors are placed into the vehicles in more places, causing more potential issues to happen. If you happen to have any complications with anything displaying on your diagnostic system, come to I-70 Auto Service as quick as you can. We can quickly diagnose and repair any OBD related issue. Our trained technicians are here to help.

The on board diagnostics system in your vehicle is intended to monitor and report on all major systems and sub-systems and display that information to you. The more technology that goes into vehicles, the more comprehensive the diagnostics get. This also means that there are more sensors and places for potential issues to occur. If you're having complications with any of the pieces that make up your diagnostics system come to I-70 Auto Service right away. We can quickly find and fix any OBD related problem correctly. Many times, the issue is something that's not too time consuming or costly. Our expert, trained mechanics are here to help you. Benefits of getting I-70's services include:

  • I-70 Auto Service is a certified NAPA Auto Care Center
  • We have Trained Technicians
  • We strive to provide great service, maintenance, and repair
  • We offer a 36 month/36,000 mile nationwide warranty on parts and labor
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