Kansas City Hybrid Repair and Service

I-70 Auto Service provides honest, fair, and comprehensive hybrid repair to families throughout Kansas City. When your car needs repair, it is stressful enough. Our team of ASE-Certified and ASE-Master auto mechanics dedicates itself to making sure your visit to our auto repair shop is worry-free. We intend to make your next visit to I-70 Auto Service a delightful and positive customer service experience.

Hybrids are a helpful solution to global warming and drastic climate change. Because many drivers want to help save the environment, hybrid vehicles are becoming more popular in Kansas City. Take a look at the parking lot of any yoga studio or Apple store within a 100-mile radius, and you’ll see a bunch of Prius, Honda, and American-made hybrids parked there. Everyone from college kids to Baby Boomers are jumping on the hybrid bandwagon.

At I-70 Auto Service, it is our job to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies that go into each make and model of hybrid vehicles. Our ASE-Certified and ASE-Master technicians offer top-notch hybrid repair on the following hybrids:

  • Honda Hybrid
  • Toyota Hybrid
  • Nissan Hybrid
  • Mercedes Hybrid
  • Lexus Hybrid
  • Hyundai Hybrid
  • Ford Hybrid
  • Infiniti Hybrid
  • BMW Hybrid
  • Kia Hybrid

As you can see, several different companies make Hybrids, but our team is competent servicing each make and model. Our team in Kansas City uses the latest tools, equipment, and technology to repair your hybrid vehicles.

Several car owners who are new to the hybrid automotive experience have numerous questions about the differences between hybrid maintenance and auto repair costs versus gas engine maintenance and repair. Fortunately, when you own a hybrid, not much is different from gas-powered vehicles. The big difference, of course, is the battery. The battery in a hybrid might cost more, but they can last up to 180,000 miles, which stretches your dollar quite a bit. Hybrid vehicles may be highly fuel-efficient. However, a lot of maintenance and repair costs are about the same as gas-fueled cars, including:

The gas engine portion of your hybrid still requires regular engine service and repair.

Oil changes every 5,000 - 10,000 miles, depending on your driving habits.

Brakes and rotors require scheduled service and repair.

Your wheels still need to be aligned, and your tires need replacing once they are worn out.

Ever wonder what our clients have to say about I-70 Auto Service and the customer service experience? Check out what longtime client, Denny, had to say about our auto repair shop:

“Great group of dedicated employees here. Joe and his crew were very thorough with my car when I was having some issues. They took the time to not only tell me what the problem was but also explain what and why it was happening. It seems like it is hard to find people who want to help you without breaking your checkbook. I am so glad I was referred to this company. I will continue to spread the word about the great service I received here.”

When your hybrid needs repair, we invite you to our auto repair shop. Conveniently located, you'll find I-70 Auto Service in downtown Kansas City at 3111 N. Stadium Drive. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon.