When your vehicle needs a differential fluid service or flush, we invite you to I-70 Auto Service in downtown Kansas City. For non-four-wheel-drive trucks, SUVs, and commuter cars, the differential fluid is often forgotten about and overlooked by car owners. For example, many people remember to change their engine oil every few thousand miles, but not many know when to give their vehicles differential fluid service or to flush it out. To prevent problems associated with your vehicle's rear axle, I-70 Auto Service is here to help.
Differential fluid is essential for vehicles that pull trailers, boats and haul heavy equipment. Over time, the differential fluid will collect metal scraps from the rear axle. Prevent metal scraps from causing long-term damage throughout your vehicle by flushing out the old differential fluid occasionally. 
What does a differential fluid service flush include? It is worth mentioning that I-70 Auto Service is an Authorized BG Service Center, which means our differential fluid service/flush includes:
Replacement of worn-out lubricant
Clean bearings and gears
Remove accumulated contaminants
Soften and condition seals
Whatever service or repair your vehicle requires, the I-70 Auto Service team truly cares about you and your vehicles. Here is a recent 5-star testimonial from one of our long-term clients, Tyler L.:
"Friendly helpful staff, knowledgeable and willing to help. Nice to find a place that's not trying to rip you off. They help you with your problem and do their job well. Thx I-70 Auto Service."
I-70 Auto Service is located in downtown Kansas City. If your personal or fleet vehicles require repair, we invite you to see us. Located a short drive away from Westport, the Plaza, Raytown, and other neighborhoods around Kansas City, we will pick up and drop off your vehicle, upon request. We can also provide you with a loaner vehicle or a shuttle ride. Call I-70 Auto Service if you have questions or to book an appointment. We look forward to taking care of you and your vehicles.