Kansas City Auto Cooling System Service

Your vehicle's cooling system, which includes the radiator, is essential for regulating temperature. Without a properly functioning cooling system or radiator, your car would be subject to either freezing or overheating. I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City is a leading expert in the service and repair of cooling systems and radiators. 

"My family has been bringing our cars here for two generations. As I start my own family, I would never consider going anywhere else. Joe, Tyler and the entire team go the extra mile every time."

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One of the most common causes of car trouble is problems within a car's cooling system or radiator. Problems that develop within your vehicle's coolant system may include coolant leaks, low coolant levels, or old coolant. It is our job to inspect your vehicle, pinpoint the issues, and solve the problems quickly and efficiently. However, these typical issues can be prevented by developing a maintenance schedule specific to the make and model of your vehicle. Our team can set up a certain time, in which your vehicle's coolant system should be flushed and refilled. 

What makes I-70 Auto Service special and unique? We are always working overtime to gain your trust. Auto shops do not have a great reputation nowadays, and we are working to change that, one client at a time. Our team will always be upfront with you. We will inform you if any coolant system or radiator repair does not require immediate attention. At I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, we're on your side. 

We truly go the extra mile for our clients. If requested, our team will pick up and drop off your vehicle, completely free of charge. We also offer Kansas City residents use of a loaner vehicle or free shuttle. Call us if you have specific questions about your vehicle's coolant system or radiator. Contact us to schedule an appointment today. We look forward to seeing you soon.