Top Things To Know About Volkswagen Repair at I-70 Auto Service in Kansas City, MO

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Volkswagen has had a unique culture surrounding their cars going back to their very early models. VW Bugs and Volkswagen vans are some of the most recognizable cars on the road today. But although they are very recognizable, there's still something unique about these round-shaped, happy-looking cars. A car like that deserves a mechanic who knows how to take good care of it.

Some of the issues we see most commonly with Volkswagens are issues with the Check Engine light. The Check Engine light turns on to indicate a problem with the engine, so it’s always better to bring your VW into I-70 Auto Service to inspect the problem further. In fact, we are one of the few independent auto repair shop in downtown Kansas City to have factory-level diagnostic testing equipment for Volkswagens. The VW-Audi Ross-Tech VCDS Subscription that we utilize here at I-70 Auto Service allows us to pinpoint hard-to-diagnose issues within your Volkswagen or Audi vehicles.

Other common issues for Volkswagens are oil sludge build-ups and electrical problems that seem to spike after a VW hits the 100,000-mile mark. These can range from simple to severe issues, but bringing the car in sooner rather than later can save you time and cost later on down the line. Finally, something specific to Volkswagens it seems is that their coils fail much more often, especially in the 2004 Passat models. I-70 Auto Service can remedy this with a carefully installed replacement coil.

Maintenance for Volkswagen vehicles has always been very reasonable. For most Volkswagen models, you can expect to pay about $85.00 for an oil change, $450 for brake repair, $1350 for timing belt repair or replacement, or just $150 for a check engine light diagnosis. Along with our repairs, we can provide shuttle services and a clean, pleasant waiting area for you with free WiFi! We’ve worked hard, consistently so, for the past several years to build up a reputation in the Kansas City community for expert service. Check out what one customer had to say about it:

“Hi All, I recently moved to Kansas City and my car broke down on the way to a staff meeting. I realized how desperately I needed to be "in the know" as to who/where was good in town. A coworker raved about Joe at I-70 Auto. When I took the car there, I had high hopes and even then my expectations were exceeded. Not only is I-70 Auto a quick, convenient, professional, thorough auto and repair shop, but I feel more than confident in Joe and the other manager's recommendations for ongoing care and upkeep of my cars. I'm not typically one to pass around business cards, but I'm sharing Joe's card for I-70 Auto with my neighbors and friends. Have a great day!” - Alison

Thanks for that awesome review, Alison!

One of the many ways I-70 Auto Service stands out from other repair shops is our investment in our work. We have poured our efforts and resources into getting the top-of-the-line technology in car repair. That means whether you’re driving a retro Beetle or a newer Volkswagen SUV, we’ve got the equipment to get the job done right. At I-70 Auto Service we are dedicated to our customers because we have a vested interest in keeping our customers for life. We want to be your go-to auto shop, and will gladly accommodate you in any way we can to earn that.

Get to the auto shop that stands out, just like your VW does, and come to I-70 Auto Service. You can contact us by calling (816) 656-2325 or by making an appointment online for your next Volkswagen repairs. We are conveniently located at 3111 Stadium Drive, Kansas City, MO 64128, between Stadium Drive and E 31st Street. We’ll see you soon!